Worldwide Lecture and Seminars

The Ways to Build a Relationship with G-d and Feel Great!

Part I: Introduction to the philosophical concepts necessary to proceed to inner work. (If Hashem is here and now, absolutely good, loves us completely, why do we walk around depressed, etc.?) Allow one or one and a half hour.

Part II: Experiential exercises — Accessing your inner, spiritual world. Sixty experiential exercises are available. We proceed in this order:

  1. Accessing resource states – How to find the strength within yourself to transform yourself.
  2. How to make the subconscious mind work for you (or … Everything you wanted to know about your fears but were afraid to ask!)
  3. Topics of particular relevance – from holidays to find a mate, etc. Allow one and a half hours per exercise.

Reincarnation in Jewish Sources and Modern Psychology

Included in the class is the topic of past life regression: What Rabbi Svirsky does (and has seen in his practice) and how this is being used in modern psychology. Additional topics are reincarnation in Jewish sources, including topics such as the Jewish soul, “Who was who” in Torah, why souls come back, transmigration of souls, and much, much more.

An Ideal Spouse for Everyone

For Singles or Couples or Married Individuals Classes plus experiential exercises (allow three hours):

Part I: Common mistakes – three types of infatuation, love vs. infatuation. Exercise: Find your perfect spouse and marry him/her.

Part II: For singles: How to choose a partner. For couples: Troubleshooting and improving your marriage.

Where Was G-d During the Holocaust?

(Allow two hours)

Five Levels of Pleasure

(Allow one and a half hours)

New Projects

Touching the Infinite – the Film

A Project of the Institute of Jewish Spiritual Therapy

TOUCHING THE INFINITE is a film that brings a revolutionary dimension to the table – FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE – thus marking the film as the only one of its kind. The audience will actively participate in the film, as it will teach them step-by-step of how to experience their Creator’s presence, and learn to utilize that experience in making their lives fundamentally better and richer. Designed to target the widest audience possible of all races and religions, not only does the movie answer the question, “Is there a Creator?” but it also introduces the audience to the Creator directly by allowing them the experience of the connection first hand. Also, the film will teach the audience how to enjoy every moment of their lives, reach financial success, increase the power of their positive traits, discover their true talents, get into a healthy state of mind, and much, more – all based on their individual connection to the One Creator.

Professional Training

Professional training is both a personal journey through Efim’s Jewish Spiritual Therapy system and learning how to be a Jewish Spiritual Therapist.The course is given in person either to individuals or to groups that meet once a week for two years (in Jerusalem) or a group meeting for a week at a time every three months (worldwide). On-line training in real time is also available for indiviudals or groups (through the phone or Skype).

The information that you exposed us to, and the exercises that you trained us in, were life changing for me. The week we spent showed me how to put into action the ideas that we read about and learn about but never really feel. After the week I am able to experience Judaism on another level entirely, and, most importantly, share that with others that are involved with the branch.

Rabbi Simcha Tolwin


It was great. I learned a lot about who I am, and how to deal with inner struggles, and how to overcome personal issues. It also helped me understand other people. I feel like I can better communicate with people about their problems, and better understand their needs.

Rabbi Shmuel Ertel


The guided relaxation exercises that Efim teaches are a fantastic approach to integrating the most powerful Torah concepts … really quieting the noise and learning to go into the depth of an idea I already know but don’t take the time to integrate. I’ve done it with myself, students and donors already and feedback is very positive.

Rabbi Chanoch Harris


I was thrilled … to learn again and again that G-d is loving and forgiving, which I had heard for the first time about 12 years ago (when I was 35 years old) … I grew up in an observant home, but a loving and forgiving G-d was foreign to me.



This work is an excellent way to work on middos improvement, and B”H, in many situations, I find myself able to be more understanding, loving, giving and forgiving.