Emotional and Spiritual Growth Through Feeling God’s Presence

A step-by-step introduction to Torah and Psycho-spiritual therapy, helping people to actualize their potential and overcome emotional blocks. The book comes with an MP3 disk, which contains the 60 spiritual exercises found in the book.

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From time immemorial, people have always sought out connection to something bigger than themselves. Initially they connected with the physical world around them and came to identify the forces of nature, and the relationship was that of awe. Then what happened over three thousand years ago, the momentous event at Mount Sinai when the Torah was given, provided the world with directions to connect with God.

The Torah provide God’s own instructions on how to have a meaningful life connecting to God—as God let us know through the Torah. While the laws of the Torah are well known and documented, the practical emotional instructions are not so well known.

Rabbi Efim Svirsky with over thirty years of experience, by using the Torah and those who expound upon the Torah, guided thousands of people to actually feel their connection with God, which contributed to a meaningful life and a sense of satisfaction by being in touch with their purpose. Rabbi Svirsky also integrated tools from contemporary psychology including: deep relaxation, visualization, regression, gestalt, transactional analysis and inner child therapy to accomplish this very important goal that we all seek out on a deep emotional level.

Anybody who takes this journey with assistance from Rabbi Svirsky will find the connection with God that they have always imagined was possible but did not know how, while simultaneously releasing past traumas and negative behavioral traits. These 59 recorded spiritual exercises will provide you with step by step instructions on developing a lasting and deep relationship with the Creator because with each clear recording, Rabbi Svirsky walks you from the beginning of the exercise to the end. They have been the result of many years working with individuals so many people have found success with the presentation.

Each exercise ranges from five to ten minutes and corresponds with the exercise in the book, which provides a clear introduction and conclusion for the exercises. The mp3’s are available from purchase separate from the book, but will be lacking the context the book provides for each exercise.

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