I have known Efim Svirsky for many years through his outstanding work with Aish HaTorah’s Russian Department. Efim has developed a highly original, and perhaps even ground-breaking approach, to psychotherapy through connecting the vast majority of emotional dysfunction into its metaphysical roots, namely, a person’s relationship to His Creator.

Rabbi Noah Weinberg זצ״ל

Founder and Dean, Aish HaTorah

Having known Reb Chaim [Efim Svirsky] for about a decade now as a friend and colleague, I continue to be fascinated by his ability to convey authentic Judaism to the masses with creativity and depth. May Hashem continue to bless him with a way to the hearts of our brethren in every corner of the globe.

Rabbi Yitzchak Berkowitz

Founder and Dean, The Jerusalem Kollel

A step-by-step journey to spiritual heights while unlocking our emotional potential. It gives us real tools to achieve closeness to a Higher Power and enjoy more meaningful and joyful lives.

Lisa Aiken, Ph.D.


Efim Svirsky, gifted with a special understanding of the emotional and intellectual inner resources of the Jewish psyche, has shared with us the master key to the many different doors which lead to our inner being.

Rabbi Elazer Robinson

Rosh Yeshiva, Yeshivas Reishis Chochma, Toronto

In our fast paced and impersonal world, we are in need of Torah leadership and guidance on how to “find our true selves.” Efim Svirsky has been providing such direction in his clinical work and in his teaching of spirituality over the past 20 years around the world. Efim provides us with step-by-step techniques providing us with access to our inner world. May Rabbi Svirsky’s work and techniques find their way to kindle the spark of many a thirsting soul and help them take one step closer to achieving their spiritual destiny.

Rabbi Yisroel Roll


Efim Svirky’s training and techniques provide a context in which the Jew of our generation can apply the spiritual tools of tefillah (prayer) and teshuvah (return) in a practical way toward emotional change. I highly recommend it for both those in the helping professions and laymen alike.

Rabbi Ephraim Kramer