Efim Svirsky, founder and director of the Institute of Spiritual Therapy, former Educational Director of the Russian Program of Aish HaTorah (an international Jewish outreach/educational organization) is an acclaimed worldwide lecturer and teacher on topics such as Jewish philosophy, Torah and psychology and Torah and science. His students number in the tens of thousands. Efim has also touched the lives of hundreds of thousands through a weekly radio show broadcast to more than one million Russian Jews in Israel and Russia. In addition, he is known from his numerous television appearances in Israel and Russia, and from his feature pages in a popular newspaper.

Born in Moscow during the era of the Iron Curtain, Efim is the son of a famous dissident writer – one of the first to shake the foundation of the Communist party. After his family’s fortuitous immigration to the West, Efim graduated from Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy. Afterwards, he took a host of post-graduate courses in manual medicine at Michigan State University, post-graduate medical school, culminating in Cranial-Sacral Therapy and became the first instructor of Cranial-Sacral Therapy in Canada.

A highly successful therapist, Efim opened the Institute of Cranial Therapy, a comprehensive treatment center for chronic stress and pain in Toront. While doing deep tissue work, Efim became acutely aware of the role our emotions play in the creation and maintenance of pain and stress-related disorders. Deciding to go to the root of the problem, he then became a certified hypnotherapist.

Efim’s journey into the subconscious mind led him to realize the importance of the spiritual dimension in healing emotional blocks. As a child in the Soviet Union cut off from his heritage, Efim only knew persecution because of Jewish roots. As an adult, he began to explore the spiritual side of his heritage as it interfaced daily with his work with his patients. Hence, he embarked on another journey into the deep, spiritual world of an observant Jew connecting with his Creator.

Combining the ancient wisdom of Torah with modern psychology, Efim spent over 20 years developing and refining a system of spiritual and emotional growth, the subject of his book, Connection. With an accompanying CD-ROM containing 60 spiritual exercises, Efim leads his reader to be able to feel the presence of the Creator, work on his or her individual emotional blocks and experience life-changing spiritual growth.

Efim has published a number of well-known books in Russian: Without Dialog – Abyss, Freedom and Choice, Torah and Psychology, and Transformation: A Journey of Psycho/Spiritual Healing.

Efim currently lectures internationally and also trains rabbis and rabbinical students in his Torah-based system of psychological/spiritual counseling, as well as maintaining a private clinic. He lives in Jerusalem with his wife and five children. Efim is available for consultations in English and Russian.